• Who can apply for 96 hours visa?

Applicant who are staying less than 96 hours can apply for this visa.

• What is the procedure for applying for a visa to UAE?

If an Applicant is qualifying as per the eligibility criteria, he/she can download the visa application form from the website fill it up and send it across with the required documents at the nearest Visa Application Center.

• How many days prior to the date of travel can an Individual apply or process the visa application?

An applicant can apply for his/ her visa, a maximum of 30 days prior to the date of travel. As validity of the visa is 30 days from the date of issue.

• Is the Visa fees inclusive of all charges or there are any additional service charges levied?

The Visa fees are inclusive of all charges, and there are no additional charges for the same.

• What type of visa is it?

This is an electronic visa which is sent through smart channel (no-reply@dnrd.ae) on applicant’s email address as PDF attachment. Applicant has to take a print of their visa while travelling to UAE.

• Are the visa fees same for infants?

Yes, Visa fees are the same for both infant and adult.

• Is it a single or a multiple entry visa?

It is a single entry visa.

• Can the entry and exit, be from any airport of UAE?

The entry and exit of the applicant has to be from the Dubai Airport only. But he / she is permitted to go to any part of UAE.

• Can I apply for multiple trip visa simultaneously?

Passengers desiring to enter Dubai more than once on Emirates or Fly Dubai Airline as per their itineraries may apply for all their UAE visas simultaneously. Visas would be processed based on the date of application and date of travel on Emirates or Fly Dubai Airline to enter UAE. EK or FZ Ticket copies must be submitted at the time of visa application. All approved visa copies of such applications would be sent separately. This visa is valid to enter UAE under 58 days from the date of issue.

• Is the visa fee refundable?

The Visa fees are levied to the applicants are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

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